Business Shredding Services

As per the Treasury Board of Canada
100% Confidential & Secure

On-Site & Off-Site Business Shredding Services

Does your business deserve a shredding provider that also gives you an eco-friendly green edge?

In today’s business environment, secure on-site shredding is an absolute must as part of your risk reduction strategy and compliance with privacy protection regulations.

Business shredding services abound. Not all are equal. Does the shred size of your provider meet the true definition of “high security shredding” as defined by the Treasury Board of Canada? Ours does.

Are you protected from “over sized” shred pieces considered acceptable by “pierce-and-tear” type shredders; pieces bigger than a credit card with protected information still intact? With Carbon Neutral Shredding Company you have that guaranteed and unique protection.

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on-site shredding toronto
  • Serving you since 1993
  • Insured for $5MM in liability
  • Has shredded for every level of goverment
  • Has shredded for every type of business
  • Carbon Neutral & Eco-friendly
  • Competitive Pricing

Business Document Destruction

Are you an employee and/or business professional who archives client files at the office and home? 

  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Financial Adviser
  • Lawyer
  • Stockbroker
  • Consultant
  • Therapist
  • Childcare Provider
  • Business Owner with Credit Card Receipts


The list is endless and all are challenged with privacy protection legislation that can kill your enterprise should privacy breaches occur. Think of both at home and at business secure shredding for your key employees.

Be ready. Do it by choosing a proven provider of shredding services, insured for $5MM in liability, a shredding company that since 1995 has shredded for every level of government, every type of business.

We customize your shredding solution to your needs, be they for compliance, risk-avoidance, logistical and ease of use by employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility? We deliver not just secure shredding but a carbon neutral, GHG and sulphur emission zero footprint that can help you meet corporate sustainability goals; what we call our green edge.

Better yet, partnering with Carbon Neutral Shredding Company brings a daily corporate sustainability message to every employee depositing paper for shredding into our free, secure shredding consoles.

How about those waste coffee cups? We integrate waste reduction by encouraging coffee cup recycling by adding them into the shredding bins.

Document destruction is complemented with on-site e-media and hard drive destruction and that can be witnessed by your security personnel. Serial number tracking by drive is automatically provided.

Whether its occasional bulk shredding of multiple skids, a scheduled service for secure bins spread throughout your office or on-call pick-up as required, Carbon Neutral Shredding Company is your proven shredding provider.